Apple’s Modem Struggle: A Tough Road

Apple’s modem struggle. Apple had big plans to create their own part called a modem for their iPhones, which helps them connect to the internet and make calls. They wanted to do it themselves instead of buying it from another company, but it’s been quite tricky.

Delayed Plans

Originally aiming to finish making this part by 2025, it now seems like they might need until 2026. This delay could mean extending their deal with the company that currently supplies these parts.

A Complex Task

Crafting this modem turned out to be really hard. Even though Apple has had lots of people working on it since 2018, they haven’t cracked it yet. They hoped this new part would speed up the iPhone’s internet, but that might not happen anytime soon.

Impact on Stocks

This news caused some changes in stock prices. The company usually giving Apple these parts saw its stock go up a bit. Apple’s stock also went up a little after this news.

Trouble Before iPhone 15

This whole issue became a problem right before Apple unveiled the iPhone 15. The company supplying these parts said they’d keep doing it for more years because Apple’s plan to make its own wasn’t going well.

Long Journey

The idea to make their modem started a while ago when Apple tried hiring engineers from the company that usually makes these parts. Back then, they were fighting in court. Even after settling, Apple still wanted to create its own part.

High Hopes, Tough Reality

After sorting things out, Apple bought another company’s part-making division and hired many smart people from different places, aiming to finish their own part by 2024. They planned to test it in a simpler iPhone model. But despite all their effort, making a part that works well in different places and connects phones to the internet smoothly has been a big challenge for Apple.